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Fairfield Plantation Fire Rescue & Emergency Services

Fairfield Plantation Fire Dept.

Fairfield Plantation Fire Department was established in 1972 as a State Certified Fire Department completely operated by volunteer firefighters. In the past 43 years, the department has evolved into Fairfield Plantation Fire Rescue and Emergency Services and currently runs 400 to 500 calls annually, ranging from customer service calls to structure fires and life threatening emergencies.

All fire departments in the United States are issued a public protection classification rating from the Insurance Service Organization (ISO).  The ISO rating system is based on a scale of 10 with 10 being the worst and 1 the best rating; in fact a rating of 1 is nearly impossible to achieve. In 2015, Fairfield Plantation was proud to state our latest Fairfield Plantation Fire Rescue and Emergency Services rating. Incredibly, our ISO public protection classification is a 3, the best rating achieved by a total volunteer fire department in Georgia! 

Engine 11Fairfield Plantation Fire Rescue and Emergency Services is formed from a very dedicated and hard-working team of professionals constantly striving to improve. Lead by Fire Chief Dennis Brown, the department has further enhanced services to our community by adding paid part-time firefighters to staff one of our fire stations around the clock every day of the year with our volunteers continuing to staff our other fire station. As a combined-staffed fire department, our Fire Rescue and Emergency Services department staffs to fire stations, an engine pumper, a reserve pumper, a ladder truck, a light rescue truck, a brush truck, and a command vehicle.

Both paid and volunteer staff are all highly trained; the team includes individuals with Georgia certifications and national certifications in Firefighting, EMT/Paramedic, Hazardous Materials, Technical Rescue, Fire officer, Fire Inspections, Fire Investigations, Fire Instructor and P.O.S.T (certified police officers), as well as many other titles.

Our Fire Chief and his personnel take pride in the department’s ultimate goal of providing the best customer service and protection to all Fairfield Plantation residents and visitors. 
The department encourages anyone who feels the desire and drive to serve your community to become part of the elite family of Fairfield Plantation Fire Rescue and Emergency Services. Applications can be obtained by contacting Fire Chief Dennis Brown.